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 리믹스 곡명

 Pokemon R/S/E - Abandoned Ship - Remix


 Abandoned Ship
 (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

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This is an experiment to see if anyone can still pick out any of the source material even though the whole remix is pitched up a wholetone from the original's initial pitch. :P

I personally feel it's easy to pick out... at some parts anyway. Lol.

This particular remix was quite fun to do. I never really had any giant problems producing it (though of course the intro stumped me on what to do, but then, when does it not?) and I finished it rather quickly considering I only started it about a week ago. I also tried a somewhat new side-chaining technique that I learned so that's neat-o. Only thing that bothers me is that with this remix I realized how un-polished my work is compared to some others, so that's gonna need some work for sure. I think my problem truly lies with me average mixing and below average EQ.

Anyway, there's a reference in this one and it should be so easy to pick out that I won't even say what game it's from! I'll just say that the franchise started out solely on the Playstation 2. Happy reference hunting, and good luck! :D

(two or three Touhou remixes are coming next, which is why I uploaded two Pokemon remixes in a row beforehand. :P)

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