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 Pokémon X/Y Remix: Anistar City


 Anistar City

 (Pokemon X/Y)

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 Hey everyone! It's my (Retro's) birthday today! So have a reverse birthday present from me! :3

We're very excited to release our subscriber special come around Christmas. Me and Eyeless think you guys are gonna like it. (CUZ YOU'D BETTER)

Sorry if this one isn't perfect. Town themes are sooooo short and I'm no expert when it comes to adding my own extension to shorter songs. This was also an extremely hard song to transcribe. Dem pan flute notes.



* 예측 하나. 이제 저 말고도 TheOphidians님쪽 작품 추천 올리는 사람 1명 더 늘겠죠.