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 petaldance(Adam Haynes)

 리믹스 곡명

 Route 29 - Remix / Arrangement [Pokémon Gold & Silver] - by Adam Haynes


 Route 29
 (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

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 삽입이미지 원본주소

 (게임 캡쳐)

 편곡자 코멘트

 This is the second of my Pokémon Gold & Silver arrangement series.

Like my previous arrangement, I've given it a bit of Asian flavour. Please remember though, this isn't a genuine or authentic piece of Eastern Asian music haha, it's just for the enjoyment of your ears :)

This piece took a long time to piece together, and I was almost ready to give up on it, but I'm glad I finished it as I'm very pleased with the result. I love the combination of the Asian instruments with the various accordion; it's a sound I've really enjoyed experimenting with.
I tried to retain the upbeat attitude that the original piece of music has and, again, tried to make the listener/player feel as if they are on foreign lands. Although perhaps it's a little too obvious in this arrangement!

Blog post coming soon. Thanks for listening :)

New Bark Town arrangement:

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- Adam Haynes