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 DPPt Route 228 (Re-Orchestrated)


 Route 228

 (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

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 Holy intro, Batman! Yeah, the winds of change are gusting through my channel if you haven't noticed with the layout overhaul and the intro--but how gives a crap about that? Let's talk about the music! Route 228 is full of lore, and sand, and...more sand. Cyrus's relative lives on this route, and confesses that he wished he took Cyrus in when he was younger so he could knock the crazy out of him with love, stuffed animals, and Netflix. Great try, Gramps, but your psychotic grand-baby is stuck in an alternate dimension where he's probably roasting Durants alive with a magnifying glass. What else does Route 228 have? Funky music. The music on this route is awesome, and I am really pleased with my arrangement! Hopefully you Dragoknights love it (and the new layout) as much as I do! Stay tuned for more PokéTunes soon!

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