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 리믹스 곡명

 Champion Cynthia Battle Remix


 Battle! Champion

 (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

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Comments are welcomed, I like those things. Man I had one hell of a time trying to not only compose this, but find decent artwork, render the mp3, had playback issues, had to re-render the mp3, fix Sony Vegas, and the list goes on and on. Truth is, is that I'm only 80% satisfied with it which leads me to make a second version of this in the future. But anyways after many, MANY requests (I counted 87 on tumblr) I finally finished the highly requested Cynthia battle theme. And it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows. Hmm, thoughts on Cynthia? Well to this day she still remains the hardest champion for me to battle. She gave me quite a scare in Diamond and totally wasn't expecting her pokemon to be that high leveled and yes; she is very intimidating, I still dread the rematches. FE & GTB.

Lol you can stop flooding me with Cynthia requests now ^o^

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