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 pokesupe graphic novel { fanmade } { BETA }

 원본 동영상 주소


 패러디 원본/삽입곡


 업로더 코멘트

 Decided to try my half at imitating my favourite MAD; umineko graphic novel 2.

It's not as good as the original, so don't try to compare. xD It's just been in my head for days.
The kanji in this will & most definitely be incorrect -- sorry to Japanese people D: But I don't know it, and relied on Google Translate
Spent two days on this. It's so weird NOT to match the beats.
--no couples in this.

c: please comment!

& none of the media used in this belongs to me. If any of the creators of a piece/video wants me to remove or add them to the description, I will.